5 thoughts on “soffice.bin using 100% of CPU MOODLE”

  1. Thank but it didn work for me.
    I have a 100 slides presentation and Impress freezes and top shows soffice.bin as using 100% CPU.
    I have an I7 with four cores and 16 GB RAM.
    In my notebook, with Centos and an I5 with 8 GB RAM, the same presetation does not have any problem.

  2. It came back again… I think it is a bug

    We are using RHEL 7.5 64-bit for our Moodle LMS application.
    We installed a unoconv as per their instructions.


    Over the last few days, we noticed 100% CPU resources so high that it locks up everything and makes the application useless.

    We tried the fixed to not load the logo upon start up and restarted the unoconv server, it seem to work for a few days, it came up again.

    I was told it was bug with this program. We cannot remove -gtk* as one of the dependencies we need, libreoffice-pyuno would be removed.

    The server does not need graphical interface.

    When will this bug be fixed?

    1. I had the same problem, tried changing /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc (as mentioned above). This didn’t fix the problem. What was interesting though was, when I opened up a second document the problem went away.
      After opening the second .odt file the CPU immediately went from 100% to almost 0%. Then I closed that .odt and all was good.

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